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Xiamen Bymea Lighting Co., Ltd.

GLS LED bulbs, LED spotlight bulbs, LED downlights, LED tubes, vehicle lights

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  • Phone: +86-592-3671941
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    Building B/C Vanke Yunxi, No. 527-529 Gaolin Middle Rd, Huli Dist, Xiamen, Fujian, China
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Company Profile
Bymea Lighting is an OEM/ODM manufacturer of GLS (general lighting service) LED bulbs, LED spotlight bulbs, LED downlights and LED tube lights. The company's quality line of energy-efficient lighting products are certified by UL, ETL, Energy Star, TUV SUD, CE and PSE, which demonstrates Bymea's attention to quality and reliability in keeping with the global LED’s standards. Bymea expanded its product portfolio in 2016 to include a range of vehicle lights such as LED marker/clearance lights, vehicle interior strip lights, LED beacons, LED rear combination lights, LED pedestal mount lights, LED work lights, and LED stop/turn/tail signal lights.

Founded in 2012, Bymea Lighting is advantageously located in Xiamen, China, where the light bulb manufacturing industry leads the way in the country. The wide availability of local industry resources and harsh competition between the industry peers drive Bymea Lighting to continually push the boundary of manufacturing excellence to stand out in the industry. Through its desire to be an industry leader, Bymea has built a dynamic and global team of outstanding professionals and a sophisticated manufacturing facility to develop new and exciting lighting solutions that simplify today's challenges and embrace tomorrow's science. Bymea's  promise is to combine all aspects of expertise and experience to deliver superior value to its customers on a consistent basis.

Bymea Lighting has a vibrantly growing manufacturing infrastructure to offer industry-leading product development and production solutions to its customers worldwide. Operating out of a 20,000 square meter ISO9001 certified facility, Bymea Lighting is fully equipped with highly advanced production lines, design and development tools, state-of-the-art machinery, and photometric equipment. The integrated facility gives Bymea Lighting a complete suite of engineering, manufacturing, scientific and testing competencies that ensure great product design, quality and availability.
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